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"Ian's extensive knowledge about interactions in business, and his profound insights into key problems, and solutions have been an enormous benefit to me in my professional and personal development."

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Doctor I. Johnson, Marketing Consultant


Welcome to WeQ Collaborative Learning

The intelligence of an individual is their IQ
The capability of a group of people is their "WeQ®"

Resources for Collaborative Leaders

Collaborative Marketing News

A collection of links and resources about Collaborative Marketing.


Business Fundamentals for Self-Employed Professionals
How to grow a successful practice

Discovering Your Life Purpose
An excerpt from How To Lead and Still Have a Life

From Conflict To Collaboration
If collaboration is your goal, begin by managing conflict constructively


Check out our extenstive bibliography of books about collaboration and leadership.


While writing our book about collaboration and leadership we developed this glossary of terms.


Collaboration has many aspects; here are some of  main categories found on the internet:

  • Collaboration and Leadership as a unique way of working together - the focus of this web site
  • Collaborative Law - a new paradigm for family restructuring
  • Computing - in two ways - software for collaboration, and software created by collaboration - such as Linux.
  • Writing and Education - collaborative writing and collaborative learning projects
  • Business Management, teams and projects
  • Community Development using a collaborative approach. 
  • Miscellaneous 

If a link has changed or disappeared, look for the URL in the  Internet Archive,  or search with Google.

Collaboration and Leadership

Collaborative Leaders Network
The home of the Collaborative Leaders Network
WeQ Consulting
Our consulting services


The Cathedral and The Bazaar
Open Source Projects and Software
Open Source On-Line Collaborative Learning based on Constructionism principles. Developed by Martin Dougiamas. I have set up my own Collaborative Marketing Course using Moodle, but it is still very much "Under Construction!"

Business Management

The Art of The Long View
Where are we headed? The Scenario Planning process from the Global Business Network shows us how to discover more.
Crossing The Chasm 
(by Geofffrey Moore)
(by Brandenberger and Nalebuff)

Community Development

Future Search 
The Future Search Network by Marvin Weisbord and associates
The Chaordic Alliance
How to Create Collaborative Communities of Chaordic Action.


Fractals are fun, but complexity is the next step. Let the Santa Fe Institute show you some of the tantalizing problems they are exploring. 
Georgian Bay NLP Centre
Books and courses about NLP and self-help are available from the Georgian Bay NLP Centre, 92 Parklane Crescent, Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L 1B1
Shelle Charvet
Words that Change Minds (Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 1997). Also see Rodger Bailey, How to Hire and Manage for Peak Performance. Shelle offers training and consulting in communication and influencing as well as programs in the LAB Profile. She can be reached at Success Strategies 220 Townsend Avenue, Burlington, Ontario, CANADA L7T 1Z4